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Huta Szkła Artystycznego Sabina Sp. z o.o. was established in 1996 and was initially supposed to be a small Glass Studio. Our products quickly gained the trust of customers in Poland and around the world, which is why we decided to expand the plant and increase production. The original idea of creating artistic products, however, has not disappeared and is still continued by Henryk Rysz, the owner of the company and designer of most of the patterns produced in "Sabina". He is the first to make each new pattern and then pass it on to other steelworkers. Henryk Rysz works mainly on original, His works are known in many glass galleries around the world In 2004 his son Rafał joined him, bringing a new, fresh look at glass to the company's achievements.

    Henryk Rysz

Henryk Rysz has been an artist working in glass since 1972. The first contact with glass in Krośnieńskie Huty Szkła turned into a fascination with this material. He decided to make his dreams come true and in 1996 he started creating unique products in his steelworks.

    Joint work

Through the hard and arduous work of a steelworker, the character is shaped, and glass can draw in, and the moment comes that you cannot live without it. This job requires tremendous physical strength and mental toughness.

    Rafał Rysz

Rafał Rysz was born on April 29, 1983 in Rymanów. As a boy, he watched his father's work, a hand-made glass master. Within a few years, he made tremendous progress. His works are known in many European countries and the USA.